Why give to the library?

The library may use your gifts for materials, equipment, special programs, furnishings and   long -term improvements.


Does the library only accept cash donations?

No, all forms of giving are welcome, such as stocks and bonds, real estate, personal property, wills, bequests and life insurance.


Why a Trust?

Trusts offer income tax savings while increasing the library’s ability to serve the community.  Several types of charitable trust are recognized by the I.R.S.  They allow the donor to:  care for dependents, receive tax advantages and improve the community through the library.


If I give directly to the library who decides on how to use my undesignated gift?

The Girard Public Library Board of Trustees will administer the funds.


The Foundation


What is the Foundation?

The foundation is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt corporation and is managed by individuals whose purpose is to assist the library in meeting future needs and long- term goals.  Contributions of individuals and businesses into either the long-term endowment or the shorter non-permanent fund are both tax-exempt.  As a vital part of the community the library needs your support in continuing our outstanding library service.


Why the Library Needs a Donation from You

Girard residents pay a property tax that covers the majority of the costs for daily operations, salaries and a modest collection of materials.  We have a wonderful facility and staff.  However, the extent to which your library can serve this community depends on your financial support.  Donations give us the money to fund worthwhile programs and enlarge the scope and size of our collections.


Memorials and Commemorative Gifts

The library is able to offer a greater selection of reading and listening titles, and genealogy materials through memorial and commemorative donations.

Memorial gifts are given in memory of close friends or family members.  The family of the person memorialized is notified of the gift with or without mention of the amount.

When the library receives a cash gift for the purchase of materials, the staff makes the selection based on the suggestions of the donor. A notification is sent to the family.  A gift plate recognizes the honoree.  The program is a lasting way of honoring a special person and providing for the community.

Single-purpose gifts may also be donated for a specific purpose or use designated by the donor. The library has received, memorial trees, computers, office furniture and funds for programs.

When a gift to honor a close friend or family member is received the person honored is notified of the gift without mention of the amount.  These gifts are a great way of celebrating a birthday or anniversary.

Donations and long-term pledges to the Girard Public Library Endowment can be sent to:

The Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas
PO Box 1448
Pittsburg, KS 66762

Remember that any gifts made either directly to the Library or the Endowment are usually tax-exempt, but please check with your accountant or attorney as the library cannot give tax advice.

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